2004: Un anno di recensioni

© Lorenzo Casaccia, 2004

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Band Titolo


Genere Label

!!! Louden Up Now 6 rock Touch & Go
90 Day Men Panda Park 6.5 rock Southern

Animal Collective Sung Tongs 7 avantgarde Fat Cat
Annie Anniemal 7 pop Big Beat

Devendra Banhart Rejoicing In The Hands 5.5 songwriter Young God
  Bjork Medulla 6.5 electronica Warner
Bonnie Prince Billie Greatest Palace Music 5 songwriter Drag City

  Charalambides Joy Shapes 7 avantgarde Kranky
Chib Moco 5 ambient Fat Cat
cLOUDDEAD Ten 7 hip hop Mush
CocoRosie La Maison De Mon Reve 7 folk Touch & Go

Dalek & Faust Derbe Respect, Alder 6 avantgarde Staubgold

Elf Power Walking With The Beggar Boys 5.5 indie Orange Twin
  EL-P High Water 5 elettronica Thirsty Ear
Rob Ellis Music For The Home Vol. 2 4 ambient Leaf

Fennesz Venice 6.5 electronica Mego
Franz Ferdinand s/t 7 rock Sony
Frequency s/t 6.5 rock Noreaster

Wechsel Garland & World Standard The Isle 5 electronica Staubgold
Ghost Hypnotic Underworld 7 rock Drag City

Juliana Hatfield In Exile Deo 5 rock Zoe

Isan Meet Next Life 4 electronica Mozz

  Margaret Kammerer To Be An Animal Of Real Flesh 6.5 songwriter  
The Killers Hot Fuss 6.5 rock Island

Lali Puna Faking The Books 6 electronica Morr
Languis The Four Walls 5 electronica Plug Research
  Robert Lippok Falling Into Komeit 6 electronica Monika

Jason Molina Pyramid Electric Co 6.5 songwriter Secretly Canadian
Mountain Goats We Shall All Be Healed 6.5 songwriter 4AD
  Mum Summer Make Good 5.5 electronica Fat Cat

Will Oldham Seafarers Music 4 songwriter Drag City

Grant Lee Phillips Virginia Creeper 6 songwriter Cooking Vinyl
Preston School Of Industry Monsoon 4.5 country Matador

Max Richter The Blue Notebook 4 electronica Fat Cat

  Solex The Laughing Stock Of Indie Rock 7 rock  
Sonic Youth Sonic Nurse 4.5 rock Geffen
Spring Heel Jack The Sweetness Of The Water 7 avantgarde Thirsty Ear
Gwen Stefani Love, Angel, Music, Baby 8 pop Interscope
  Streets A Grand Don't Come For Free 4.5 hip-hop Atlantic

Donato Wharton Trabanten 4 electronica City Centre
Shannon Wright Over The Sun 7 rock Quarterstick

Xiu Xiu Fabulous Muscles 7 rock 5 Rue Christine

Zero 7 When It Falls 6 downtempo Palm Pictures