2005: Un anno di recensioni

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Band Titolo



  Abe Duque So Underground It Hurts 6 techno
  AFX Analord 01 6 electronica
  AGF / Delay Explode 6 electronica
  Animal Collective Feels 7.5 electronica
  Antony & The Johnson I Am A Bird Now 6.5 songwriter
  Anulle' TBA 7 songwriter
  Architecture in Helsinki In Case We Die 6.5 indie-rock

  Beck Guero 5 rock
  Andrew Bird The Misterious Production Of Eggs 7.5 songwriter
  Bloc Party Silent Alarm 5 indie-rock
  Books Lost And Safe 7 avantgarde

  Cocorosie Noah's Ark 6 songwriter

  Daft Punk Human After All 6.5 house

  Eels Blinking Lights And Other Revelations 6.5 indie-rock

  Fantomas Suspended Animation 6.5 rock
  Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better 5.5 rock

  Kill The Vultures Kill The Vultures 6.5 hip-hop

  Langhorne Slim When The Sun's Gone Down 6 country
  LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem 7.5 dance-rock

  M.I.A. Arular 6.5 rock
  Masha Qrella Unresolved Remained 4 songwriter
  Medications Your Favourite People All In One Place 6.5 indie-rock
  Metalux Victim Of Space 6 indie-rock

  New Pornographers Twin Cinema 6 indie-rock

  Orthrelm OV 7 hard-rock

  Steven Sufjan Come On, Feel The Illinois 8 songwriter

  M Ward Transistor Radio 7 songwriter

  Xiu Xiu La Foret 7.5 indie-rock

  Neil Young Prairie Wind 7 rock