Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike - Pictorial Story

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The magnificent seven:

Andy Gapin
(with beef jerky)


Elena Brambilla

Krishna Sekar


Lorenzo Casaccia
(with his notes)


Nicolas Patris

Debashis Panigrahi

Paolo Minero
(with the Qualcomm cap)




Picture # 1

We left San Diego on Friday, May 23rd, in the late afternoon.

We drove a rented minivan (perfect for 7 people).

Night in Gila Bend, AZ.

Picture # 2

Lunch in Flagstaff on Saturday.

Picture # 3

Sunday - Wake-up call & breakfast at 3.30 am.

We were sleeping at the Yavapai Lodge (7 people in one room).

Elena, definitely the toughest girl around, prepared coffee.

Picture # 4

Waiting for the Kaibab Shuttle, at 5 am on Sunday.


Picture # 5

6 am on Sunday.

Group picture at sunrise at Cedar Ridge.

Picture # 6

8 am.

We are at the Colorado River.

Group picture on the Suspension Bridge.

Picture # 7

Inside "The Box" (the inner canyon that leaves Phantom Ranch northbound).

Until this point life was still easy...

Picture # 8

That's the tough part.

After "The Box", you hike for 7 kms completely under the sun (easily more than 30 degrees Celsius even in May).

Picture # 9


After a long rest at Cottonwood Campground...

...but, after 20 kms, we still have to hike all the way up to the North Rim.

Before leaving, we soak our clothes.

Picture # 10

Postcard view while hiking up.

The hike up the North Kaibab trail was a never-ending one.

Picture # 11

5.30 pm @ the North Kaibab Trailhead.

We just crossed the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim.

Group picture to celebrate.

Picture #12

Lorenzo's notes (the piece of paper he wrote on shows that he put to good use the material distributed at his latest meeting)

Picture #13

The TransCanyon Shuttle that brought us (or what was left of us) back to the South Rim.

Picture # 14

Monday (Memorial Day) - we drive back taking an alternative route to avoid the traffic. It turned out to be a great idea.

Paolo did not like too much driving through the mountains :-)