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Into the blue


by Lorenzo Casaccia, 2003 ©


"Poesia" is goin a bit unnoticed. Really a shame for this handful of mesmerizing tunes that marry shy jungle beats and the Brazilian voice of Carla Alexandar.

We thought that this gem of 2002/2003 was worth more.

I understand that you live in Denmark but you are from Brazil. Can you tell me something more about yourself and about how you went to Denmark?
I studied dance since I was 7 years old, and when I was 17 started dancing as a professional. At the age of 21, I was studying music and theatre, and that was when I engaged myself more and more in the musical world. Actually I've been participating in many dance companies, video-clips, shows, and acting as lead role in a film: Veja esta cancão, by Cacá Diegues.
I was touring as Jorge Benjor's backing vocal from 95 to 97, and as Daúde's backing vocal from 97 to 99. That was, actually, what made me come to Denmark. We were touring in 99, to the summer festivals in Europe, and we performed in Roskilde, Denmark, that year.
At the festival I met an old friend from Rio de Janeiro who was living here, Fernando Negalê, percussionist. We talked a lot and he invited me to come back after the tour, so that I could see more the electronic music scene in the clubs, maybe do some work together, and to get to know some people.
So, I came back to Denmark, but not to Brasil. And that happened because I started jamming with DJs, and met Morten Varano, then I was teaching dance together with Negalê in Sweden, and I felt in love with DJ Schack, who is my husband.
So why not stay longer and try something new? The work with Morten was crucial as I was so interested in electronic music and wanted to learn a lot about the issue.
tThat was briefly the history of "how I came to DK".

Can you sum up for me your musical background and career?
My musical background: In my childhood I remember that my father was a great singer, even if not a professional and, that we listened to samba and bossa-nova at home, which influenced me a lot. As an adult, I studied music, classical percussion and popular singing in Brasil. I've learnt a lot from Jorge Benjor and a banda do Zé pretinho, as I was making shows together. Then I should say that I get really inspired of the ones I admire as musicians, like João Gilberto, Chico Science, Lauryn Hill, Erikah Badu, Sade, Clara Nunes and many more.
My career as a solo singer started here in Denmark, but I have a large experience from dancing, acting and singing in Brasil, like I explained before. And now the possibilities are just growing more and more. I was in Russia, Moscow for 3 weeks ago making two concerts and it was amazing.
I will make a video-clip and I'm planning to tour around Europe with the live show.

How was "Poesia" produced?
I wrote the lyrics and most of the vocal melodies, but some of them were made together with Morten or with Alex Puddu. Morten worked more with the beats, but sometimes I was proposing some Brazilian spice to the beat structure, there were some live instruments as well, and Fernando Negalê recorded some percussion adding some good vibes to the beats.

What are you lyrics generally about?
They are about different stages of the mind, and what happens when one is facing new and old situations, or travelling around the world. It is also about Mother Nature, and the contrast with the inside nature.

Why the title "Poesia"?
Because the lyrics are based on some poems I wrote before. When I was 15 started writing poems, and as a part of my world, I wanted to show them in my music.

Being Brazilian, what do you think of Lula?
He is a great leader, and the best part is that a lot of Brazilians really like him, that's rare, since Getúlio Vargas we did not have someone with that charisma. He is a leader that you can rely on, very transparent, and that's what Brasil needs now, someone that will open the way to a development without hiding actions or playing games.
I'm really glad that Lula is Mr. President

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